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Example Change of Name Deed (Deed Poll)

Meet the Team

Our qualified and experienced team at Online Legal Services help us provide you with an outstanding service at excellent value.
We have been providing legal deed polls to the UK's divorcing couples since 1999), through our sister service

We have literally dealt with over 100,000+ divorcing couples and Divorce-online is the UK's largest supplier of completed divorce documents and are considered to be experts in the delivery of online legal documentation.

Experienced & Professional Paralegals

Mark Keenan
Founder & CEO
Mark Keenan
Mark is one of the founding members of the Institute of Paralegals. Mark was also Entrepreneur of the Year for Wiltshire having won the prestigious award at the Wiltshire Business of the Year Awards.
Robyn Cresdee
Client Relations
Charlotte Holloway
Charlotte has recently joined us after completing university where she studied law gaining a 2:1.

Once of her main electives was family law.
David Hann
Charlotte Scott
Charlotte is an organiser extraordinaire. Charlotte is responsible for document archiving and control of documents, dealing with all our office consumables and stationary and distributes work to the relevant departments.
Jackie Penney
Senior Paralegal
Jackie Penney
Jackie checks every set of papers that enter our system, checking against a list of common mistakes we have identified over 14 years.

This comprehensive list pretty much covers everything that clerically can go wrong.
You can apply online today and receive your deed poll documents within 1-2 working days. From just £14.99 we provide a low cost, but high quality deed poll service.

Our Deed Poll Services

Adult Deed Poll Service
Adult Deed Poll Service

An adult deed poll is the quickest and easiest way to legally have your name changed in the UK if you are 16 years old or older. You do not need consent from anyone to change your legal name.
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Child Deed Poll Service
Child Deed Poll Service

We can draft an official child deed poll for you, which will enable you to change your child's legal name. Please note that everyone with parental responsibility must consent to the name change.
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Replacement Deed Poll Service
Replacement Deed Poll

If you have lost or misplaced your deed poll and require a new one as legal proof that you have changed your name previously, you will need to order a Replacement Deed Poll.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What sort of name can you choose?
We are Certified Members of the Institute of Paralegals, making sure you receive professional & expert advice.
Is there an official deed poll office in the UK?
This is a common misconception. There is no government department or entity that provides deed polls. All the providers of deed poll documents in the UK, are either lawyers or private providers like ourselves.
How long will it take to change my name?
You will receive your deed poll and copies within 24 hours of approving your electronic copy of the deed poll that we send to you on the day that you ordered the service
How much does a deed poll cost?
Our deed polls are £14.99 including vat, there is a drop down box on the order page for you to choose the amount of certified copies you require.
What other costs will there be to change my name?
The authorities where you change your name such as the passport office and DVLA will require you to submit your deed with an official application form and fees may be charged for doing so.
Do I really need a deed poll?
There are times when a Deed Poll is not needed to change your name. We have listed the most usual types of situations for you.
Do I have to update my driving licence in my new name?
Yes, you will need to apply for a new copy licence from the DVLA.
Can my employer (or potential employer) ask me about my former name?
If on application, the employers asks for any names you may have been known by, then you should tell them. Non discourse of facts such as these could lead to your instant dismissal.
You can apply online today and receive your deed poll documents within 1-2 working days. From just £14.99 we provide a low cost, but high quality deed poll service.