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Example Change of Name Deed (Deed Poll)

About Us

Providing change of name deeds since 1999 for thousands of satisfied clients.
We have been providing legal deed polls to the UK's divorcing couples since 1999, through our sister service

We have literally dealt with over 100,000+ divorcing couples and Divorce-online is the UK's largest supplier of completed divorce documents and are considered to be experts in the delivery of online legal documentation.

We take customer care and service extremely serious and aim to ensure that every order placed through us is handled professionally and efficiently, every time.
Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Official Deed Polls?

Why Change your Name with Us?

We decided to bring our legal expertise and document creation technology to the deed poll market as the current crop of deed providers are small one man bands masquerading as large companies, when they are actually more often than not a couple of people working from home.

There is nothing wrong with that of course, but we have a dedicated legal team in place to make sure your deed poll is correct and delivered on time.To make sure there is no confusion, we are not a government agency and there are no official certificates that need to be filed, a deed poll is a legal document not something that is provided by the government.

We don't need to spend large amounts of money paying celebrities to do videos for us. They cost money and you are the one paying for them in the end.

Our unique selling point is simple - We offer a cheaper service with the same product you would get anywhere else, along with a straight forward and secure ordering process.We make the process for changing your name
You complete our secure online form as part of the checkout process.

Completing the online form takes a matter of minutes and requires the simplest of information, such as your current and new names, residential address and your payment details..
Make the online payment using either your credit card or PayPal.

Our  website is secured using 128bit SSL encryption to ensure that all of your details are safe. We also do not store any of your payment details.
You receive a confirmation email with your order details.

Within a matter of minutes of placing your order you will receive a confirmation email, which will detail out your order details, including your delivery address and chosen option.
One of our expert paralegals then drafts up your document, it is then double checked by another paralegal.

Qur experienced paralegals and legal staff will draft your deed poll order from the details that you have provided us with, this will then be checked for errors to ensure all details are correct.
It is then sent to the customers address via the chosen delivery option.

Now that your deed poll has been drafted and checked, it is ready to be posted to you via the delivery option that you selected on the checkout.
You can apply online today and receive your deed poll documents within 1-2 working days. From just £29.99 we provide a low cost, but high quality deed poll service.

Our Deed Poll Services

Adult Deed Poll Service
Adult Deed Poll Service

If you are over the age of 16 and wish to change your name, you will need to order an adult deed poll.
Join over 60,000 people in the UK and legally change your name with us today from £29.99.
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Child Deed Poll Service
Child Deed Poll Service

We can help you legally change the name of your child providing they are under the age of 16 and you have the consent of everyone that holds parental responsibility for your child.
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Replacement Deed Poll Service
Replacement Deed Poll

If you have lost or misplaced your change of name deed, we can provide you with a replacement deed poll that you can use as legal proof to show that you have previously changed your name.
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